Natural history camera operator and photographer - passionate about inspiring and educating others about the natural world.

At the beginning of 2016 I travelled to the central Namib Desert in Namibia to live and work at a remote scientific research station. My primary focus was to create an independent natural history documentary on how Namib flora and fauna have adapted to survive in the harsh desert environment.

I spent my first few months here engaging with scientists, making field observations and reading papers and books to begin to understand the complexities of the local ecosystems. This research led me to develop my own narrative and film animal behaviour and rare ecological events. I independently carried out the entire production process, with the resulting film being distributed on DVD throughout Namibia and being shown in schools as part of a capacity building initiative in environmental education. Namib: Surviving the Sand Sea is now available to watch online (click here).

Whilst in the Namib, in addition to making Namib: Surviving the Sand Sea, I created several other short films including Salvadora. This short film features previously undocumented insect behaviour, which I observed and subsequently published in the American journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. (More info can be found by clicking here).

In addition to film I developed a love for writing. I merged this with my passion for photography by publishing several popular science articles on desert wildlife, published in several editions of the Namibian/South African magazine Travel News Namibia. These articles can be found on this website under the ‘articles’ section.

I have since drawn on my film and biology knowledge to work on several broadcast productions, including blue-chip wildlife. I also have experience working with and filming indigenous communities for an independent film and anthropological archival/research purposes with Bath Spa University.

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