Camera operator, assistant and stills photographer. Passionate about inspiring and educating others about the natural world, I draw on my biology knowledge when filming animal behaviour to craft the best possible shot, always striving for perfection.

I’ve had the privilege to work alongside, learning from and assisting some of the best wildlife camera operators in the industry. I started filming wildlife and science when living for two years at a remote scientific research station in the Namib Desert, Namibia. Here I created an independent natural history documentary on desert adaptation and behaviour with a particular focus on arthropods and macro.

This documentary project, Namib: Surviving the Sand Sea, was completed in 2017 (click here). The film is currently being distributed across Namibia, being shown in schools as part of a capacity building initiative in environmental education.

I also have experience filming with indigenous people in Namibia, both for an independent film, and for anthropological archival/research purposes.

My educational background is a BSc (first-class) honours in Film and Television Production from the University of Greenwich. I have a self-taught biology background and have published popular science articles on wildlife in print media and novel insect behaviour in an academic journal (Ecological Society of America). 

Experience with Canon cinema series cameras, RED, ARRI, Phantom, DSLR, motion control, macro, jib, time-lapse, studio, lighting, infrared, sound recording, Foley, extreme temperatures and conditions, night shoots, animal handling, off-road driving.

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