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Salvadora and the Strange Oasis

My latest article, written for and published in Travel News Namibia Spring 2018 issue is now available to read online at this site: Salvadora and the Strange Oasis

The track, enclosed by the walls of crumbling rock, eventually opened out into a desolate expanse. We had entered the caldera of the Messum Crater, an extinct supervolcano some 18 kilometres in diameter; last active some 130 million years ago…Being here was the closest I have come to travelling through time to some distant prehistoric era. Despite my veneration for this bygone landscape, the result of this excursion shifted my focus from the past, to a novel observation” Click here to continue reading…

Latest Salvadora article published in TNN

Excited to announce Travel News Namibia Spring 2018 issue is now out and features my new article Salvadora and the Strange Oasis, which recounts my travels in the Messum Crater and the observation of “termite constructed oases”, which feature in my short natural history film Salvadora (2018) and ESA Frontiers EcoPics

Click here to read an online version of this issue!