Youth Environmental Summit 2018

I was privileged to be invited back to Gobabeb this May for my third Youth Environmental Summit. I made a video on the 2016 event in Etosha National Park and was excited to travel to Damaraland this year to film the enriching experience for young Namibians...

Engaging Namibian students in environmental education: Filmed in Damaraland, western Namibia, the film follows the weeklong training event from the perspective of the learners themselves.

The Youth Environmental Summit (YES) is organised and run by Gobabeb Research & Training Centre with support from the Ministry of Environment (MET) and Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The educational programme focused on familiarising learners from across Namibia with the scientific process through a week of intensive fieldwork that addresses specific environmental topics whilst always promoting the overall objective of establishing environmental leadership amongst young people.


Salvadora is a new short natural history film. The idea for this film was conceived from often walking past Salvadora bushes and wondering what was producing the rustling sound from within the dense vegetation. I then elaborated on this thought to produce a short film personifying the plant into a living 'biological metropolis' for animals.

 Featuring previously undocumented insect behaviour, science mixes with art in this tribute to the under-appreciated world of plants and insects. Salvadora persica is a shrub that occurs within the Namib Desert; this film explains how it survives, and explores the ecological web of its unusual ecosystem, a linear oasis.